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With our consumer centric approach, we put you – the customer – first at all times.



We think of ways to help you with our pricing model and introduction of new products.


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Once the gears are in motion, the process to enroll and maintain your account with us is easy


Our team of customer service representatives are here for you when you need them at no charge.

When it comes to our customers, Axon Power always delivers a top-notch experience. We are a team focused on making sure we bring to the retail electricity market what consumers want, and we go above and beyond to make it happen. Whether finding ways to provide Texans competitive electricity rates that rival the competition or creating new products that take into consideration your needs, the Axon Power team is here to fight for you. And when Texans make the decision to go with Axon Power, we make it easy for future customers to enroll for electric service with us and current customers to maintain their account. Know that our team is right around the corner waiting to help you, and we will never charge you for things like speaking to a customer representative.

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